Combining legal counsel with strategic planning, media consulting and production services.

Utilizing years of experience in law, real estate, media, business and in working with nonprofit organizations, MissionCounsel seeks to provide a hybrid menu of services for mission driven projects, campaigns and organizations.  Representing organizations and individuals who are creators, innovators and advocates for mission focused projects and causes. 

Ministries, Media Projects, Creative Enterprises:

Who: Whether you are just getting started or already launched.

What: If you need assistance with legal advice, project management, web development, content production or strategy.

Why:  You can save countless hours with a few step-by-step consultations.  Turnkey services are also available depending on your needs.

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General Counsel Legal Services

Licensed to practice law in the States of Illinois and Florida.  Royce Hood provides outside general counsel services for a number of nationally focused clients, utilizing local counsel as necessary for state specific matters.  No attorney client relationship exists until established in writing and signed by both parties.  Inquire today under the Contact tab.

How it works:  Many organizations, causes and individuals often run into legal questions and need quick and easy legal advice.  General Counsel services through MissionCounsel have been designed to be low cost, efficient and effective putting clients first.   Benefits include 24/7 and direct access to legal counsel when you need it most.   Jurisdictional limitations may require referral to local counsel on certain matters.  Contact Royce to learn more. 

Strategic Planning & Project Management

With nearly 20 years in business Royce Hood provides select clients strategic planning services through MissionCounsel.   Services would be appropriate for the following:

  • launching a new ministry or organization
  • maximizing a new or existing campaign
  • creation, production or release of a media project such as a movie, music, book or website
  • launching a tech focused site or application
  • funding for projects and causes
  • Consultations, strategy and management of media and public relations campaigns.

How it works:  Working together we will determine your project needs, goals and prospects.  Creating actionable steps for launch and implementation to maximize the impact of your mission.

Services – available for MissionCounsel clients include. Estimates only subject to availability.

RHoodLaw & MissionCounsel  Estimate
Entity formation $5,000 plus costs
Trademark Registration $3,500 plus costs
Copyright Registration $900 plus costs
Real Estate Transactions $5,000 or 2% of value
MissionOverhaul includes two 1/2 day brainstorming sessions for focusing business or mission $10,000 plus travel if applicable
Contracts Review, Negotiation, Drafting $375 per hour
General Counsel hourly $375 per hour
General Counsel retained  Discount bulk rates available 

Motion Pictures ~ Consulting for Production, Distribution and Funding (see IMDB)

    • Licensing
    • Clearances
    • Pre-Placement

Music, Film, Publishing, Podcast, Radio & Events

    • Production and Project Supervision (review catalog)
    • Project Management (team and project lead)
    • Sponsorships, Endorsements & Promotions

Domains & Social


Interested in learning more?  Contact me for a free consultation.

Strategy Sessions:

Brainstorm, Discuss, Strategize and Create Action-Steps.  Royce Hood has served as a sounding board and trusted advisor for numerous leaders and clients.  Strategy Sessions can be used to review proposals, concepts or challenges.

Limited scope representation.  Strategy Sessions are intended for existing clients with signed engagements or for non-law related business consultations.  No attorney client relationship exists unless established in writing.

Cost: $375 buys a credit for (2) 30-minute sessions (which may be combined for 1 hour).  Once purchased you will be redirected to the booking page where you may select a time that is convenient for you.  You will also received instructions via email to send any documents or links in advance to your scheduled session.  Sessions will be conducted by phone or by zoom (which ever you prefer).

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