SPHERE OF INFLUENCE (basics):  Increase the size of your contact list with people you already know

Do an inventory of your sphere of influence.  Sphere of influence is all of the people who actually know and have relationships with.  Here is a fun and simple way to conduct an inventory of your sphere of influence:  Get a blank piece of paper and make a small dot in the middle of the paper.  Next draw a large circle around the dot.  The dot is you.  The sphere represents everyone you know.  Start writing names of people you know within the sphere.  It won’t take long before you need a larger piece of paper.  

You can limit the sphere to people in a particular field or you can make it broader based on your needs.  Think of it this way: Do people within your sphere of influence know what you are doing?  Do they know about your project?  Does it make sense to reach out and invite them to be part of your list? 

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