A few commonly asked questions related to webcasts: 

Q: What platform is best for hosting a webcast? 

A:  There are so many.  Zoom is well known.  WebinarJam is cool but a bit complicated.  Streamyard is great for broadcasts.  If you have a big audience and anticipate a large turnout you will need a more robust system. If you are just starting off use something that is free or low-cost to get started.  But make sure your platform allows for recording!   

Q: Should the webcast be free to attend? 

A:  Yes!   Unless you are offering a training or something really unique. 

Q: What if no one shows up to the webcast?   

A:  That’s a bummer!  But give it time.  Don’t give up.  Utilize the video / audio to start building your content library.  But there are ways to increase turnout.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan, marketing and get the word out.  Let’s chat if you have any questions!